Industry Spotlight: Telco Photoelectric Sensors & Light Curtains

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Northern Industrial offers the complete line of Telco high performance optical sensors and light curtains for use in a variety of industries where detecting, positioning, measuring, counting and sorting occur. Some specific industries include automatic doors, industrial doors and gates, elevators, carwash facilities, sawmills and forestry, packaging, material handling, material processing, factory automation and controls, escalators, agriculture, access controls, food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining - and many others.

What Sets Telco Sensors Apart From Their Competitors? 

Easy Installation

Telco sensors are easy to align and require no complicated set-ups, which guarantees effortless installation every time

easy install sensor

Water Resisitant

Designed to withstand direct exposure to water and high pressure spray, and are capable of operating reliably in wet conditions

water resistant sensor

High Penetration Power

Infrared sensors penetrate through any contamination and will operate relentlessly even in the most hostile environments

high penetration sensor

Immunity to Light

Telco sensors function problem free even in ambient or extraneous lighting

light immune sensor

High Shock & Vibration Resistance

Can tolerate severe vibrations and physical impact without affecting lifetime or hindering performance

shock and vibration resistant sensor

What Else Does Telco Offer?

Remote Photoelectric Systems

remote photoelectric system

Measuring Light Curtains

measuring light curtain

Light Curtains

light curtain

Optical Fork and Frame Sensors

optical fork and frame sensor

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