Rusty Chain?  We Have the Solution!

Stainless steel chain can be expensive, but when you are dealing with a corrosive environment not many other options exist.  Some manufactures have turned to nickel plated chain in an effort to reduce costs.  While the price looks good, nickel chain can show rust after only 14 days in a salt water submersion test.  Here’s where Weimer Bearing has the solution with Senqcia’s “Perfect Coat Plus” chain.

Perfect Coat Plus chain features a mechanical rust prevention system that uses an alloy-iron film coating.  The parts are coated before assembly of the chain to ensure a complete coating.  This results in a coating that is proven to outlast the competition.  The coating is extremely durable and will not chip, flake, peel or rust in many corrosive applications.  In a salt water corrosion test, Perfect Coat Plus chain showed virtually no rust after 14 days.

A few advantages:
• 30 times more corrosion protection compared with nickel plating.
• Ultimate strength and working load ratings are the same as carbon steel chains.
• The possible occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement is eliminated.
• More economical compared with stainless steel chain

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