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Simatool Bearing Maintenance Kit

Bearing manufacturers estimate that more than 15% of bearings that don’t meet their
expected lifetime fail due to damage caused during the mounting process. Keep your
bearings in peak performance mode with the Simatool bearing maintenance MK 10-30 kit.
This innovative tool kit contains 50 mounting and dismounting tools for small bearings
with bores from 10 to 30mm. It enables quick, precise and secure mounting and
dismounting of most common bearings, saving you time and money.

For mounting, a multifunctional fitting tool with impact sleeve and impact rings is included,
which is suitable for mounting of bearings as well as bushings, seals, belt pulleys or other
similar products. For dismounting, a three-armed bearing puller is included for use with
bearings up to 85mm in bore diameter.

The tool case contains:

  • Mounting tools consisting of 2 impact sleeves, 21 impact rings and a recoilless
    hammer with nylon impact surfaces and a rubber handle
  • Dismounting tools with 5 puller arm sets, 2 threaded spindles and a slide hammer

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seal and pulley maintenance needs!

Simatool bearing_mainteance_kit


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