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October 2014 – Prevost: High Performance Connections for Air & Fluid Applications

Prevost developed the world's first push button quick disconnect coupling, a product that has become the connection choice for air tools and hose applications. Their complete product offering includes regular and safety quick disconnect couplings, a variety of hose products (hose reels, spiral hose assemblies, bulk hose and fittings), OSHA-compliant and ergonomic blowguns, FRL's, push in fittings, and an energy efficient aluminum piping system for routing compressed air throughout the shop.

Prevost recently announced their new generation PS1 coupler, which combines safety, performance, and ease of use. Unsecured (non-safety) couplers present a significant risk of hose-whip during disconnection due to the user having to operate the safety coupling twice to disconnect (a first time to purge the compressed air and a second time to release the plug). The new PS1 coupler eliminates this two step process - the user has to perform just one action - simply push the button. The coupler uses the compressed air on the supply side of the coupling to sustain the first locking phase, and only when the compressed air is purged will it automatically click to the second phase and release the plug.

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