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November 2014 – Simalube 15 mL Lubricator

Simatec has expanded their automatic lubricator line to include their smallest offering yet - the Simalube 15ml lubricator. This new addition, with its slim aluminum housing, fills an important gap in automatic lubrication, allowing for installation in very tight spaces, which were once untouchable.

This new lubricator offers a minimal, but continual amount of lubrication during the desired time setting (1 to 12 months). It also replaces manual lubrication for those applications where only a small amount of lubrication is needed, which in turn reduces maintenance time and costs while extending the life of your machine parts. Overheated bearings, machine failures and downtime caused by over lubrication are now a thing of the past!

The simalube 15ml lubricator is ideal for linear guides, electric motors, pumps, ball screws and small bearings. Save time and money with the new 15ml lubricator, a small unit that packs a big punch.

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